About us

Our company ethics is entrenched in the principle of Truthfulness, Accountability and Reliability (TAR) and committed to offering our customers total Property Management Satisfaction and Travel Consultancy.

Aim: Surpassing clients’ expectation of service quality with our yardstick of TAR in all our operations.

Vision: To be foremost and modern energy and property investment Consultant globally.


History: Aviola Consult is a company of few years old, ideologically stated in the year 2009. This is holistic Property Management, Travel/Tour and Study/Education Consultancy Company that mediate mainly in the Buying, Selling, and Financing of Real Estate/property Management. In addition, Interior Design, Refurbishing/ House Cleaning, Garden Design and Maintenance and Sales of Automobiles are key to the focus area of operation of the company in addition to rendering of consultancy services to Travelers and prospective students who aspire to further their studies overseas.

The company is built absolutely on three keys of TRUTHFULNESS, ACCOUNTABILITY and RELIABILITY (TAR).

As you decide to collaborate with us on any of the business platform aforementioned, you are credibly assured based on our TAR.

“Obviously, new but with enormous international, modern and technological concept of ideal Property Management and Travel/Study consultancy structure, aVIOLA Consult is posed to uphold its core value of TAR in ensuring a continual high level of customer satisfaction. “

--- Group Director